Media law for photographers


Duration: No time limit

Fee: please see order form

Tutor support: one hour

The distance learning course will introduce you to the laws and ethical/regulatory framework that affect the way that press photographers and photojournalists prepare and publish material. The course will help candidates prepare for the exam in media law for photographers by following the NCTJ’s programme of study.

There are two opportunities a year to sit the exam - April and December.

Course materials

  • a DVDRom containing the media law for photographers module
  • a copy of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists
  • the programme of study
  • a sample exam paper
  • details of the tutor support 

The module links to recommended reading from the relevant sections of the set text, McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists.  After each section self-assessment exercises have been prepared to help test, consolidate and apply the knowledge gained from the module. 

Topics covered

  • Part 1: Basic knowledge of the law, court processes and reporting restrictions and contempt of court
  • Part 2: Defamation and related law
  • Part 3: Confidentiality, privacy and copyright
  • Part 4: Information and expression: rights, sources and boundaries

Suggested Study Time

Reading and working through the unit:

  • Part 1 – 3 hours
  • Part 2 – 2 hours
  • Part 3 – 3 hours
  • Part 4 – 2 hours
  • Recommended reading McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists- 10 hours
  • Self-assessment tasks - 4 hours

Total - 24 hours

Please note Media Law for Photographers is not part of the Diploma in Journalism qualification.

The study of this module will prepare you to sit the Media Law for Photographers’ exam and if successful you may purchase a unit certificate from the online shop.