Photography for Journalists

The photography specialist option is designed to equip a trainee journalist with the photography skills required to produce images of publishable quality that meet industry standards. Candidates will be able to:

  • demonstrate skills, knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of stills photography
  • gain practical skills in image capture on still digital formats and the transmission of stills
  • be competent in producing stills for publication
  • demonstrate the ability to write clear and accurate captions and news stories
  • understand photographic practice and media law and ethics relating to the publication of images from both professional photographers, citizen journalists and other external sources in newspapers, magazines and on related websites.

Assessment is by a portfolio of images including a 150-200 word news story and evidence of  any ethical and legl considerations when taking or publishing the images.

Candidates opting to take this unit are also encouraged to take videojournalism for online. Video skills are vital to be able to create distinctive videojournalism which is accurate, clear and communicative and compliments the skills gained in stills photography in this unit.

This option is not available as a distance learning unit.